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about acm

Irrigation t-tape is the best and most efficient method for farm irrigation – and with the ongoing water shortage, it may become mandatory for all farming in the future. Farmers have been advised by irrigation dealers to place metal staples every 5-10 feet to hold t-tape in place. This is a labor intensive method that still experiences t-tape wandering. A farm with 2500 feet of t-tape would require the purchase and installation of 500-600 staples per dealer recommendations. This method requires a lot of labor and still relies on frequent pulling of t-tape ends to minimize wandering that results in wasted water and malnourished plants.

ACM™ prevents t-tape from wandering ALL season. With a one-time installation of approximately three minutes per row of t-tape line, you can reduce your set-up labor and ensure more targeted water application all season for stronger, healthier plants. A farm with 2500 feet of t-tape would require one ACM™ installed per row up to 150 feet long, so approximately 16 ACM™ units. At the end of your farming season there’s no need to remove hundreds of staples, and disassembly of ACM™ is a breeze!

Keep t-tape from traveling away from where it was originally placed, get ACM™!

Partial assembly included; your complete assembly is necessary for each row up to 150 feet. Instructions are included with each purchase.

Let ACM™ help you to reduce your farming costs by saving you labor, staples, and wasted water!
ACM™ benefits include:

  • • Even watering of crops with minimal t-tape wandering.
  • • One-time seasonal installation and removal – above ground, not buried!
  • • No need to bury your t-tape to reduce wandering, saving time and labor when repairs and/or rodents are discovered.
  • • More fertilizing in rows fed through ACM™ placed drip tape.
  • • No need to purchase and install staples every 5-6 feet.
ACM™ is designed specifically to compensate for t-tape expansion and contraction with normal use.

To Purchase

10 ACM Units $38.50*
30 ACM Units $115.50*
60 ACM Units $231.00*
100 ACM Units $385.00*

*Shipping & taxes not included

Frequently Asked Questions


What growing methods does ACM™ support?

  • ACM™ works above ground or under plastic mulch. These planting methods enable the natural expansion and contraction as well as maintenance and easy repairs in the event critters “destroy” your line. ACM™ is not designed to be buried underneath the ground.

How long does ACM™ take to install?
  • With a one-time seasonal installation of approximately three-minutes per row of t-tape line up to 150-feet, you can reduce your set-up labor and ensure more targeted water application all season for stronger, healthier plants.

How long of a t-tape row will each ACM™ unit support?
  • ACM™ will support a t-tape row up to 150 feet long.


These are pictures from my farm. I enjoy growing a variety of fruits and vegetables all using ACM™ and a variety of rows in the ground, inside hoop houses, and in planter beds.

Baby Ace Beets

I grew these in plug trays from seed. When ready, I transfer them from my greenhouse into raised planters using ACM™.

Ace Beets

Shown here growing in raised planters using ACM™.

Heirloom Chocolate Stripe Tomatoes

I grew these in raised rows using t-tape and ACM™.

Hand Built Hoop House

This hoop house is filled with rows of melons grown using t-tape and ACM™. At the Farmer’s Market I’m known and appreciated for my diverse array of delicious icebox watermelons including Yellow Dolls and New Queens.

French Orange Melons

A row of French Orange melons grown with t-tape and ACM™.

Yellow Crookedneck Squash

These are just about ripe for picking. I picked the one to the right to sell at the market shortly after taking this photo.

Noche Zucchini

A thornless zucchini grown from seed, the Noche has a mildly sweet flavor. This is the first year I grew this variety and my customers loved it! It also didn’t prickle my hands and arms when it came time to harvest similar to other zucchini varieties.

English Peas

These were grown in raised planters with t-tape and ACM™.

Hand Built Hoop House

Another hoop house filled with rows French Orange and Charentais cantaloupes growing underneath plastic mulch for compressing weeds and irrigated using t-tape and ACM™. That’s me checking on my babies!


An immature cantaloupe growing in a hoop house.


Immature watermelon I grew and probably sold or ate.

Red Onion

Check out these monster Red Burger onions I grew last summer. My customers and family loved them. One onion was big enough to top hamburgers for a family reunion!

Learn About Me

about me

My mother gave me her green thumb, cultivated and refined during her childhood on an Oklahoma farm. From my job as a city gardener to my constant greenhouses lovingly built at each home, I’ve found satisfaction and a respect for bringing life from dirt, water, and seed.

More than 15 years ago, I began farming fruits and vegetables to sell at a local farmer's market on my "postage-stamp" sized farm of approximately 8/10 of an acre. I farm year-round in a climate with extreme fluctuating temperatures including 100+ degree heat, rain, frost, and the occasional winter snow. Over the past decade I’ve struggled with how to grow faster, more efficiently, and with much less waste.

ACM™ is my solution to this common t-tape problem, saving me countless hours and gallons of water. I use approximately 3,200-feet of t-tape each season. I've been using ACM™ (and earlier prototypes) on my farm for nearly ten years. I refined my product after years of development, trial and error, and experiencing many of the same t-tape frustrations you do!

ACM™ has enabled me to do what I love~with better results. Farming is such a wonderful community to be a part of. I owe much of my success and skills to those who helped me along the way, sharing their knowledge.

ACM™ is my way of sharing what I’ve learned with you. I hope ACM™ becomes a part of your farm or garden, and like any tried and true secret – is something you share with others!

Happy Growing!
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Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear from you.